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VE Day Thanks 2005

General Websites

Wartime Memories

WWII Ex RAF, Reuniting Old WWII Friends

A History of the RAF

The Squadrons

137 Squadron Unnoficial

137 Squadron RAF

Pilot Officer Ralph Otto Gustaf Haggberg, 137 Squadron

Pilot Martin Pederson, 137 Squadron

Herbert Copeman, 137 Squadron

General Albie Gotze, 137 Squadron

198 Squadron Unnoficial

198 Squadron RAF

198 Squadron Bases 1939-1945

The Planes

Hawker Hurricane Information Page

Hawker Typhoon Information

Hawker Typhoon "The World's Most Formidable Fighter" (The Aeroplane,1943)

Normandy Veterans/D-Day

History of the Normandy Veterans

BBC Humber D-Day Homepage


Hawker Typhoon Art Prints

Cranston Fine Arts - RAF Artwork